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Man of the People started out as a bit of a gag — the name, that is, not the business. I’ve always taken my work seriously. But a few years ago, when I went out on my own as a carpenter, my brother decided the title pegged me pretty well and had some business cards printed up with the moniker displayed prominently below my name.

Carpentry’s still my trade, but as my business grew, general contracting was just a natural progression. Unfortunately, contractors have a reputation for being less than dependable — and, sometimes, less than honest. But it seemed to me that looking out for my customer was the best way to look after my business.

In that spirit, when I take on a project, whether it’s a small deck or a complete renovation, I make sure the customer is in the driver’s seat. I’m always happy to help with design and planning and make sure you have a full palette of options to work with, but after all is said and done, you’re the one who lives there.

David Babcock     
Man of the People, Inc.    

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